Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Better Than A Rock - The Sacred Sandwich


Once again the boys over at Sacred Sandwich got it pretty much accurate.

Better Than A Rock - The Sacred Sandwich

This is a timely reminder: Cornerstone is going to be inviting people to our church on Halloween night. No, we're not running the Christian ghetto thing where we tell people "Don't do Halloween 'cuz it's evil and all that; so instead, come to our church dressed as your favorite Bible character or church history character or Disney character or Pixar or Dreamworks or fairy tale or children's story... okay, just don't come dressed as anything scary!"

We'll have a screened tent, table, hot chocolate and hot cider set up in the Sorensen's driveway, have a few Cornerstone families hosting, give candy to the kids and invitations to our church to the adults who may be traveling around with them. We thought the Gospel tract instead of candy was just wrong.

Some might say we're wrong for doing this on Halloween, that we shouldn't even acknowledge such a worldly holiday. Maybe. But I don't think so. I will plunder the Egyptians for all their worth if it can be used to bring glory to God in a non-sinful manner.

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