Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall is in the air

I've been a follower of The Big Picture for quite some time. They provide some amazing photos, as you will see if you check out this entry from a few weeks back:

Fall is in the air - The Big Picture -

I was able to enjoy some of God's beauty in creation and the change of seasons just two weeks ago during a study & prayer retreat I took at The Wilderness Fellowship, near Frederic, Wisconsin. The location was perfect – it got me away from many distractions (no TV, no internet, not very good cell phone reception). The setting was ideal – cool, crisp fall air, beautiful surroundings out in the woods, really great prayer cabin. And the Lord was good and faithful in meeting with me during that time away. I got lots of reading done (several books in fact), had some good times of prayer (indoors and out), was able to do a fair amount of thinking about life, family and church. I also took some pictures, most of which hold up pretty well compared to the Boston Globe, I think, but you'll have to be the judge of that.

Wilderness Show - 03.jpg

My prayer cabin.

Wilderness Show - 06.jpg

Sunrise through the trees

Wilderness Show - 11.jpg

The creation sings His glory

Wilderness Show - 15.jpg

An uphill view of my cabin for the week

Wilderness Show - 18.jpg

Spirit Lake – smooth as glass

Wilderness Show - 20.jpg

Pure gold in autumn

Wilderness Show - 24.jpg

Makes me long for the days of my youth


  1. Thank you for sharing, what a beautiful place and from the sounds of it a lovely time. Makes me long to unplug from the world and into some serious quiet with the Lord.

  2. I was contemplating what a great writer's retreat spot that would be..till I learned the bathrooms are down the path quite a ways!

    Beautiful pictures and snazzy new look to the blog.

  3. Ya know, the faraway bathrooms didn't bother me when it was dark :P

  4. Aw, man - you had me until "faraway bathrooms". :-) The pictures are gorgeous!!


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