Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm thankful for my church AND books

You're probably starting to notice a theme with this first week's notes of thanksgiving. That's clearly intentional.

Last Sunday, Cornerstone blessed me for Pastor Appreciation Sunday with two gift certificates for books (there was also a restaurant gift card for the family). I've already mentioned how thankful I am for my church. I'm also thankful that they love me so. It is shown in far more ways than just simple gift certificates. They've "put up" with me for 13 years. They've managed to love me enough to cover over a multitude of sins. God has used their support and encouragement to keep me at this calling when a small number of people were being, well, I'll put it delicately: Balaam had one. I look back on the past 13 years and wonder, "What's not to be thankful for?"

So, with great rejoicing and thanksgiving overflowing, I ran to Barnes and Noble, was overwhelmed with choices and ended up going practical. I purchased a guide to my Nikon D40, which will help me take better pictures. I also picked up a very nice, leather-covered journal, which has a replaceable journal book inside, so I can keep using the cover. There were a few nice bookmarks added to these as icing on the cake, as they say. All in all, a nice outing to B&N.

BN books.jpg

I was also given a gift certificate to our local Christian Book & Gift Store. I have yet to decide what I'll be getting there. I'm leaning toward the new book dedicated to the teaching ministry of John Piper, "For the Fame of God's Name", and his book on marriage, "This Momentary Marriage." Or I might throw in an audio book from Paul Tripp's work, "What Did You Expect." Maybe you have a suggestion or two?


No matter what I've received, gotten or may yet pick up, I am thankful for my church and books which they help provide for me.

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  1. Oh, man, gift cards to BN and CB&G...gotta love enabling your pastor's addiction. :D

    The Balaam part slayed me!

  2. Wonderfully and practically loved by your church body. That's much to be thankful for!

  3. It's a blessing to love your church and be loved by them. I can attest that This Momentary Marriage is an excellent book. I recently finished Piper's Jesus the Only to Way to God which is also very good.

  4. This Momentary Marriage is a good book but Piper sometimes seems to repeat himself over and over again. The book could probably be half the size it is.

    I would suggest God, Marriage and Family by Andreas J. Kostenberger. It's a lot more in depth than This Momentary Marriage.

    "For the Fame of God's Name" is on my to read list.


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