Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Several Things I've Noticed

No, I'm not going to attempt to compete with Tim Challies and his very helpful A la carte posts on a daily basis. One, I don't have the time. Two, I don't have the inclination.

However, for whatever reason, these many and varied items caught my attention today and I hope you give them a read. I believe they're worth it.

You've probably seen the TV ads by now that Microsoft is running, seeking to promote it's new phone software. I have just two things to say about this attempt to make our lives easier and more personal: 1) technology very seldom ever makes our lives more personal; and 2) Microsoft (we'll not spend more time being personal to those closest to us; we'll spend more time trying to work all the bugs out of the system, protect ourselves from spam, malware and spyware, and all the technogeeks out there who just can't stop from getting inside stuff to tweak it all will definitely not spend more time with people because they'll be out searching for a new phone every other week having broken theirs by trying to make it more personal!) Phew. Glad to have that off my chest.

I'm a pastor – surprise! No, all kidding aside, as a pastor I listen to sermons (never mine, ugh, who could listen to mine?). Mark has hit upon a great idea that, in all the years I've used Mac computers and Quicktime, I never thought of. This is absolutely brilliant. I'm only hoping my parishioners don't get wind of this or they'll start demanding I preach each Sunday using Quicktime in order to make my sermons seem shorter!

On a serious note, this is a marvelous quote that the girls over at girltalkhome.com have posted:

girltalk | Blog | If Only I Had Known!: "He Is More Gracious Than I'll Ever Know"

Reading less. Hmmm. Seems like a novel idea. According to John Piper, it's not novel; it's a very good idea.

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