Monday, December 6, 2010

I got Nuthin'

absolutely_nothing_road_sign_lg.jpgBetween families matters (knees still very sore & tight, two kids with wisdom tooth removal within two weeks, husband/wife medical procedures, aging parents needing lots of attention) and school schedules (I'm the high school boys basketball official bookkeeper, home and away games) and probably too many things on my plate at church. The blog will be taking a long vacation. It is yet to be determined whether it will come back after the first of the year. I have several book reviews to do and will post those over at Caffeinated Theology. Sorry, but something had to give and this is it. (I'm kind of hoping this will force me to journal better with a real pen and notebook... no kidding).



  1. "See" you at Caffeinated Theology!

    Blessings to your family.

  2. good to hear fresh and honest thoughts about busyness! Now, get back to writing. Just kidding, brother. Love the new blog format. looks sharp. Go tend to other things, get some rest. See you soon!

  3. I totally understand Kevin. To blog or not to blog, is a question I ask daily! Just keep writing though! :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

    ps. love the road sign!

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